I work with writers in a variety of capacities – from fledgling artists who are looking for the courage to get their work out into the world, to published authors needing a second set of eyes to critically appraise their writing.

A good editor is much, much more than just a proofreader. Yes, we find and fix grammar mistakes, typos and minor errors, but more importantly, we are fact-checkers and advocates for clarity, and often, despite our reputation, your biggest cheerleaders. We are champions of your beautiful language, but instinctively know when it can hamper your message and influence its impact.

It’s our job to read your work not as your friends and family would, but through the eyes of your audience and critics, to ensure that your message is as clear and consistent as possible.

I want to challenge you. Lovingly. I seek only to draw out your best work.

Together we will work through mechanical errors, factual inconsistencies, continuity issues, verbosity, repetition, clumsy contradictions, inadequate punctuation and confused terminology. I will read and read and re-read to ensure that your writing flows, and that the structure of the work conveys your meaning clearly to its intended audience. I will also help to identify trends and tired cliches, and assist you in finding new approaches to write your truth in a way that won’t leave you with a vulnerability hangover.

In the end, it’s really all about refining your message in a way that retains your voice.

I provide the following services:

– Proofreading (typos/spelling/basic grammar)

–  Copy and line-editing (light/medium/heavy – depending on requirements and budget)

–  Structural/developmental/content editing

I offer a sample edit on every project, to ensure that we are the right fit for each other.
Please contact me for rates and more information.

Kind words:

“Erica Wheadon is a talented wordsmith, who can move body and soul with her writings. She is also a laser-focused, razor-sharp editor. I know well that I could not call myself a writer, or have the career that I do without the assistance of a high-caliber editor, and when I send my words off to Erica, it is with full trust that she not only sees my intention, knows and honors my voice, but will also not settle for any less than crafting my raw material into the gold she knows it can be. Erica is my not-so-secret weapon, and I’m so blessed to have her superpowers on my team.”

Jeanette LeBlanc

—  —  —

“Erica is a great editor with a sharp eye and a keen sense of language. She’s astute at finding the main thread of a piece of writing and helping to cut away the excess so the core message can shine.  I’d still be wandering around in the weeds without her insights. Hire her, you’ll be glad you did.”

Shannon Crossman