Every year I create a soundtrack that sums up the year – and after many weeks of tweaking and deliberation – here’s 2018’s. I’ve included a few brief words on each track – mostly for my own benefit – but if you’re interested, this is a gigantic piece of my heart, in song form.


1. Something for Kate – Survival Expert
Theme. Variations. Trapped air. Those fucking lyrics. Play it again.

2. Coldplay – We All Fall In Love Sometimes (Elton John cover)
Helpless. Gravity. Circles. Stay down.

3. This Pale Fire – Virago
Masters. Write like a motherfucker. Soundtrack to Semester one.

4. Wildwood Kin – The Author.
Train rhythms. Shell Cove to Sydney three nights a week. Uncovering, rewriting, bursting open.

5. Tina Dico – True North
Compass. Grounded. Central Station intersection: Facing Denmark. Docs. Purpose. Fuck you.

6. Sleeping At Last – Atlantic
Library. Clock tower. Head down and write. Now.

7. James Crabb – Oblivion
Caught off guard. Aching for Granada. Falling apart in a foyer. Late for class. Metamorphosis. Tango rising.

8. Sarah Blasko – A Shot
Dawning. Don’t look at it. Don’t look at it. Don’t look at it.
Tear yourself in two. Bleed out.

9. Steven Wilson – Pariah
Kick yourself. Harder. Again. Again.

10. Bear’s Den – When You Break
Concentric circles. Tighter orbit. No more light.

11. Years & Years – Sanctify
My love for spec. fic and 90’s pop music emeshed. Obsessed.

12. Missy Higgins – Hallucinate
You know your own mind. Listen. Closer.

13. The Kite String Tangle – The Heights of Trees
Go to. Play. Poetry and rhythm. Story. Feels like an old friend.

14. The Band’s Visit (Broadway Cast) – Omar Sharif
Cups crammed into newspapers. Yearning. Calling. Two worlds pulling at my sleeve.

15. Missy Higgins – Don’t Look Down
Goodbye cliffs. Goodbye ocean. Goodbye train. Goodbye dream.

16. Hozier – Nina Cried Power
Rise. No more complacency. Fight.

17. Dessa – 5 out of 6
Drip fed strength. Believe women. Believe in women. Believe yourself.

18. Trevor Hall – Sagittarius
You and me. Me and you. Remember.

19. Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper – Shallow
Turning point. Push back. Fog lifting. Enough.

20. Stone Temple Pilots – The Art of Letting Go
Threads fraying faster than I can snip them.

21. Woodkid – Land of All
Waiting for my father to die. Third hit. Crushed under the weight of my own family tree. Nathan Chen’s free skate. When all else fails, make art.

22. Nas/Dave East/Lin Manuel Miranda – Wrote My Way Out
Intention. Boundaries. Clarity. Absolution.

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