2021 was a transformative year for most of us. There hasn’t been a single person that I’ve spoken to that hasn’t been directly affected or changed by a world that is relentless in its demands for our attention. It’s not fashionable to wish for a better year – but every NYE I like to take stock of the things I’m thankful for, and reflect upon everything I’ve learned, so I can state my intentions for the next.

Stay safe out there. See you on the flip side. x

Here goes.

50 Lessons from 2021

  1. Good earphones are a worthy investment.
  2. Having is evidence of wanting. *
  3. Everything you don’t like in your life is only there because a shadowy, unconscious part of you finds it deeply entertaining.*
  4. Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.**
  5. Everyone should have a therapist. Everyone.
  6. Your diagnoses do not define you.
  7. And yet, and yet. #
  8. Fuck what your teachers told you. Make art.
  9. Find a home where you can fall asleep to cracking storms over your colour bond roof, wake up to birdsong and temple bells, sample local honey, hold fresh turmeric in your hand, covered in roots and dirt, snap off fresh beans and sweet chillis and eat them in the garden listen to kangaroos graze in the darkness. Watch the moon rise. Gather firewood the late Autumn afternoons, take 40 degree spas under the stars in winter, and long beach walks in the spring, swim naked in the summer. Plant your feet on the earth as often as possible. Surround yourself with wildlife. Sit and be present with them.
  10. Harmony singing is medicine. Perform with the likeminded, nurturing people, who hold space for you, and sing Scottish folk songs the week your father dies, and at the end of the year, encourage you to sing in front of an audience without anxiety or fear.
  11. Being presented with a khata scarf by Buddhists, after singing to them in Hebrew will teach you peace, tolerance and understanding.
  12. Celebrate the wins: Graduating, having two pieces published and two more shown at film festivals, and submitting 10,000 words for a fellowship, knowing that it was the best thing you’ve ever written is monumental. You’ll want to do more, but what you did was enough.
  13. Be grateful for every private message, thanking you for your words, or your work.
  14. Know what you want and be prepared to get it.
  15. Smartphones are the new cigarettes
  16. There is no such thing as talent. Just hard work.
  17. Spend your time with people who get you. And only them.
  18. Boundaries prevent overwhelm. You don’t have to be available to all people at all times
  19. Turn off your voicemail. No one will die.
  20. Read books, not feeds.
  21. Your daughter is a motherfucking badass. You know, because you raised her that way.
  22. You can do hard things. ^
  23. Dance with your husband at your friends’ wedding. You will regret every memory that you have the chance to make, but don’t. Take this lesson away with you.
  24. Avoidance isn’t self-care. It’s avoidance.
  25. Trust the timing.
  26. Micromanaging = anxiety.
  27. Sometimes it’s worth waiting two years, two snap lockdowns and myriad cancellations for. Don’t give up. Rebook the tickets.
  28. Trust your brain’s neuroplasticity. You can learn and overcome anything.
  29. Sometimes you have to sit with the discomfort.
  30. Meditation isn’t supposed to be easy. But it is necessary.
  31. Take short steps up steep hills.
  32. Read the labels on plants
  33. No one will read your drafts. Write it first, worry about it later.
  34. Grief is personal; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  35. You will never be equal to anyone you place on a pedestal.
  36. Sometimes you need to move to the other side of the forest to come full circle.
  37. You don’t have to finish what you started.
  38. You’re better off without dairy, wheat, processed sugar, cured meat and saturated fats.
  39. You’ll function better on 8 hours sleep.
  40. Unhook yourself from the news cycle. Once a day is fine. Max.
  41. Muting words and accounts does not make you socially irresponsible.
  42. Take your meds. But also, do the work so they’re not forever.
  43. Centreing clay on a wheel will teach you more about life than you think possible.
  44. Listen to jazz.
  45. Stop imitating. Stop imitating. Stop imitating. Trust yourself.
  46. Unsubscribe.
  47. Stop pretending that this is anything other than a dystopia. Act accordingly. Not for political points, but human ones.
  48. The moment you switch on a device, you become a commodity.
  49. Parent your inner child the way that you wish you were parented, not the way that you were.
  50. Fear is the mindkiller. ^^


* Carolyn ElliotExistential Kink
** Carl Jung
# Koyabashi Issa
^ Glennon DoyleUntamed
^^ Frank HerbertDune